Monday, February 8, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

The past few days have been emblematic of the whirlwind of ups and downs that typify independent filmmaking.  I finally secured my main shooting location.  It took a while, but I eventually came to an equitable arrangement with the family that lives in the house.  It would mean shooting will take place during their kids spring break and I would fly them to Boston.  It's sooner than I had planned to shoot which makes me nervous, but eighty percent of the film takes place there and it is worth it to lock something down.  They signed off on it but said I had to first clear the hurdle of their daughter's refusal to let me shoot there.  I soon found myself negotiating with a nine year old girl who has a pathological fear of people seeing her home depicted in a film.  I sent her a specially tailored version of the script.  She sent me her short story.  I sent her back notes and title ideas.  The I offered to take her out for a giant ice cream sundae.  I think that's what finally sold her.  She grudgingly acquiesced.  Jubilant, I reported this to my co-producer and associate producer.  It turns out the associate producer can't participate if we shoot that week.  It's a drag, but I have to move forward.  Then a couple days later, my co-producer tells me that she is up for this prestigious AFI women in film program and if it happens she will have to excuse herself from this project.  Great.  So I have a location.  But no producers.

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