Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wanted: Co-Producer

So I've officially lost my co-producer, Valesca.  She just had too much on her plate.  Oddly, it turns out it's somewhat difficult to find an intelligent, industry-savvy, hard-working, well-connected, creative, tenacious person who is ready to go to the mat for you and work tirelessly for two months, unpaid.  Who knew?

I've resorted to posting an ad on Craig's List and Mandy.com.  Cue the crazies.

(Okay, RE: the crazies comment: Don't be offended if you are in fact one of the intelligent, industry-savvy, hard-working, well-connected, creative, tenacious people mentioned above.  I'm sure you are only a little crazy.  More like eccentric.)

I've been on the phone all day with telecine labs and camera houses getting pricing and trying to figure out the implications of shooting 2-perf.  It seems finding the cameras won't be as easy as I thought.  Several of the big houses don't carry them.  I am putting together a proposal for the Panavision Grant.  Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll hook me up.

I am working on a final pass of the script, with input and notes from some very smart, successful screenwriter friends, to make it better and hopefully shorter.  Only once it's locked can I build an accurate shooting schedule and in turn an accurate budget.  Meanwhile, I am also working on getting permits, production insurance and dealing with SAG.  All of which require an accurate budget and shooting schedule.

On the bright side, I heard from the casting people and they are almost ready to start casting this thing.  Having a cast would certainly make this thing feel more tangible, not to mention help attract other personnel.

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