Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pretty much almost just about done

Well gang, the thing about a project like this is that it's never really done.  You just sort of slink away from it, like it's somebody you got stuck talking to at a party who's mildly interesting but you'd sort of rather be eating the hummos.

I somehow met the insane deadline that was looming over me, which was the Miami Short Film Festival.  The film played last night for an audience for the first time.  I just checked the cut I sent them and I was sickened to realize that there was a sync problem with one of the shots.  It just kills me.  It was right at a sort of intense place where people ostensibly would be immersed in the story and this must've jolted them right out of it.  Godamn it.

Oh well.  I guess I should be grateful that there was anything for them to show at all.  I was still mixing sound a couple hours before I had to upload the file.

So, a few final tweaks to the mix, some ADR lines that need to be dealt with and then it'll be done.

Now what?