Saturday, March 31, 2012

My New Film

My new short film, "People People" is screening at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival on April 28th at 1pm at the Downtown Independent Theater.  It stars John Michael Higgins and Margaret Welsh.  It's funny.

Here's a link to the trailer.
Password: kale

Distribution Deal

I am pleased to announce a distribution deal for "The Burying Beetle" with Shorts International.  They are a reputable company best known for releasing the Oscar nominated short films theatrically.  They also have a cable channel, ShortsHD which is available through AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV cable providers.  They have an exclusive deal with iTunes as well.

The film will be available on their cable channel both domestically and abroad as well as available for download from iTunes.  I don't think it'll show up on iTunes for six months or so.  They will also try to sell it to other European markets for broadcast and in-flight entertainment and other outlets.

I'm winding down the festival run (I have one more festival lined up: The First Glance Film Festival on April 22nd) and am looking forward to this next chapter in the life of the film.